We are No Bull Darts. More specifically, we are four mates who went to school together, then later in life found a passion for soft-tip darts. In Australia at least, it appears to be sport’s best kept secret. So we’re out to change that by promoting our soft-tip darting adventures online. Come join us, we’re always online playing the Gran Board 3s. And if you don’t have a Gran Board 3s yet, they’re now available in our shop.

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First in the team to take up darts, and is so far the best at it which has really gone to his head. Like he once tried to beat the rest of the team throwing 1 dart instead of 3 in Half It.
GB3s Rating: 12

Bandit No Bull Darts

Used to go by D'Artagnan which he copped endless shit for so he changed to a kids TV show character. Has been both disqualified and won a tournament so is rarely dull.
GB3s Rating: 7

Trip McNeely - No Bull Darts
Trip McNeely

Took months to learn how to play Cricket but very handy with his Gran Board set-up in the shed. Now throwing left-handed after shoulder surgery and bizarrely is almost as good.
GB3s Rating: 5

The Rattler - No Bull Darts
The Rattler

A natural sportsperson who spent a long time as a Rating 4. Will ditch a third dart in anger and has a willingness to do anything to rattle his opponents. Still searching for a lost dart.
GB3s Rating: 7

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