Four mates from school found a new passion, and decided it was too good to keep it to themselves.

That passion was ‘Soft-Tip Darts’, also referred to as ‘Electronic Darts’.

But what it should really be called is ‘Darts That’s A Whole Lot More Fun Because It Does The Scoring For You And You Can Play Online’.

OK, it’s not as catchy, but when you say ‘Soft-Tip Darts’ people just look at you strangely.

See, in Australia, where we are, most people have never heard of it. Even big sports fans. Even some darts players.

That’s just not OK because this modern version of darts has exploded in recent years through a lot of Asia (you can barely walk 1km in Tokyo without finding a soft-tip darts bar) and has all the potential to become much bigger than regular darts in the rest of the world.

Anyway, this page is meant to be about us.

It all started when Dan, aka Whippet, had a birthday party in Adelaide’s only soft-tip darts bar, iDarts. He had been playing there a little bit and knew he had mates who would love it if he could get them to come along. He had to put on free beer but they did come and sure enough, they loved it.

Now, four of us have soft-tip dart boards – Gran Boards – at home so we can play online against each other (or anyone else in the world) whenever we want.

And we thought we owed it to people like us to let them know about how good it is, show off what we’ve learned about the boards and how much fun we have, and make the Gran Board 3s available for sale at a cheap price.

So No Bull Darts was born. A name under which we play soft-tip darts, talk about soft-tip darts, and sell soft-tip darts (well, errr, the boards). And who knows where it goes from here.

TLDR: Four mates from school went to a party at a soft-tip darts bar, realised it was the best kept secret in sport, so created No Bull Darts to show it off and sell the Gran Board 3s.

First in the team to take up darts, and is so far the best at it which has really gone to his head. Like he once tried to beat the rest of the team throwing 1 dart instead of 3 in Half It.
GB3s Rating: 12


Used to go by D'Artagnan which he copped endless shit for so he changed to a kids TV show character. Has been both disqualified and won a tournament so is rarely dull.
GB3s Rating: 7

Trip McNeely - No Bull Darts
Trip McNeely

Prefers to throw cold and took months to learn how to play Cricket but very handy with his Gran Board set-up in the shed. Took two years to upgrade from brass darts.
GB3s Rating: 6

The Rattler - No Bull Darts
The Rattler

A natural sportsperson who spent a long time as a Rating 4. Will ditch a third dart in anger and has a willingness to do anything to rattle his opponents. Still searching for a lost dart.
GB3s Rating: 6

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