There’s nothing more annoying in darts than having a shaft break off, leaving part of it behind inside your dart barrel and having no way to get it out. Luckily, Bandit from No Bull Darts has come up with a simple hack to remove it, and all you need is an everyday household item!

Even those little devices that darts manufacturers sell to get the broken shaft out are pretty ineffective. I’ve yet to successfully get one out using one of those.

Luckily though, I have Bandit living around the corner from me and he came up with this darts hack that has never failed us! Watch the video below to see it in action…

All you need is two people, a lighter, and a fondue stick.

Hold the barrel with the broken shaft in it over the flame so that the plastic of the shaft gets a little soft. This shouldn’t take long, only a few seconds, maybe ten.

Fondue stick in action

Then push one prong of the fondue stick inside the plastic shaft. If it won’t go in, it’s not melted enough. You might see the dart barrel turning black with the flame over it but that easily rubs off when you’re done. When it’s in, give it a minute to cool down then gently rotate the fondue stick to unscrew the broken shaft.

All done - fondue stick to the rescue

All done – fondue stick to the rescue

Ta-da… you’re ready to go back to throwing darts (as long as you have a spare shaft)!

To us, that’s even better than a good fondue dessert. Because who wants a dinner party when you could be on the Gran Board!

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