Adelaide’s No.1 talkback radio station, FiveAA, is going to chat all things soft-tip darts on Sunday morning!

Whippet from No Bull Darts will join Leith Forrest on the Sunday Roast program after 11am on Sunday morning (Adelaide time) to spread the word about electronic darts and in particular the Gran Board for homes.

Update: Hear the interview in full in the video below…

If you’ve heard the FiveAA interview and are interested in purchasing a Gran Board or like to know more about it – get in touch with us here, or read more and see some videos in our news section here.

You could also let us know if you’ve got a sporting club or community group that you think would enjoy a demonstration from us. We’re keen to give as many people as we can an opportunity to experience the Gran Board 3s – so we’ll come to you as long as you’ve got a group who’d be keen.

Or, if you’re ready to buy a Gran Board 3s – we offer free delivery throughout Adelaide – head to our shop here.


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