No Bull Darts had the privilege of meeting the business behind the Gran Board this week, and was given a preview of the long awaited Tournaments functionality, coming soon to the app.

Read on to find out more about what will be included in Gran Board Tournaments, how they will work and what we thought of it.

The four of us at No Bull Darts – Whippet, Bandit, Trip McNeely and The Rattler – have travelled to Japan to experience the home of the sport we love, soft-tip darts.

The priority of the trip though was to get the chance to meet the people behind Gran Darts (or more specifically, Luxza) who we have worked with from Australia for more than three years.

It was an incredible honour to spend four hours together with Gran Darts owners and staff – firstly over pork katsu lunch and then back at their office in Kawasaki, Japan. The level of Japanese hospitality and kindness we were shown was unforgettable, something we can only assume is unmatched throughout the world.

No Bull Darts with the staff of Luxza, the business behind the Gran Board, in Japan.

No Bull Darts with the staff of Luxza, the business behind the Gran Board, in Japan.

Luxza’s Managing Director Takao Fukushima, along with Sales Manager Shuji Tani and Marketing Manager Kotono Fukushima, spent time explaining their business, including some of their exciting plans for the future.

Gran Board Tournaments

The No.1 topic we talked about was the upcoming release of Tournaments on the Gran Board app. All Gran Board users will know that the ‘Tournaments coming soon’ icon has been on the app for as long as any of us can remember but we can now say that it really is ‘coming soon’. From what we could tell it’s as good as finished and ready for a Beta public release.

The first thing that struck us about it was the level of detail in it. It is not just a basic version that will expand over time. It is FULL of in depth options available to the user when setting up tournaments.

Here’s just some of the options that will be available to users when setting up a tournament on the Gran Board app…

  • Choose the games (01/Cricket) to be played and number of legs
  • Set minimum or maximum ratings of players who can join and whether handicap will be used
  • Clearly see when matches are open and ready to join
  • Nominate time users have to join tournament before it starts and how long to complete their games
  • Choose how big tournament is (maximum number of players in one tournament was in the hundreds)
  • Option to nominate if it is a pay to play tournament or free
  • Announcement board for messages to tournament participants
  • Choose whether tournament is publically visible or private
  • Second chance pool for first round losers if you want it

There were a lot more options too that we have forgotten for now but barely any of the options required clarification as it was written in clear English and we think will make for a very positive user experience.

Previously social media has played a huge role in organising tournaments on Gran Board but under the new release, Gran Board users will be able to enter a lobby to see which tournaments they can currently join and whether they are ‘paid’ tournaments. This will mean there will be less requirements to organise people to play via social media as users will join in a similar way to the current Open Lobby.

We made the comment to the Gran Darts staff about how much work has clearly gone into this and that we bet they can’t wait to release it so people stop asking ‘when is it coming’ all the time!

The preview got the four of us at No Bull Darts really excited for the opportunity to run tournaments. We think it will get Gran Board owners keener to play more often, and give another great reason for people to join the Gran Board community by purchasing a Gran Board 3s.

No Bull Darts with Kotono and Shuji from Luxza.

No Bull Darts with Kotono and Shuji from Luxza.

We left our meeting with Gran Darts by giving them South Australia’s best chocolate – Haighs – and best red wine – Penfolds. It was not in equal proportion to what they had given us with their hospitality and sharing of information but they were very thankful.

We will head back to Australia next week with renewed motivation to fulfil our original mission of growing the game of soft-tip darts in Australia. There’s nothing quite like it.

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Chris · 25/04/2024 at 2:23 am

Do you know if the tournament part of the app will allow local play? I like to host tournament at my house. I have 4 granboards in my 3,000 Sf garage.

We really need to be able to load more people on the app for local play. We have about 20 people each tournament and only being able to load 8 people on a board doesn’t work. We need this as we need to have players handicaps loaded to try to make it fair for everyone olaying.

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