If you’ve been wondering how to play Shoot Force on the Gran Board – or need a bit more of an explanation of how the scoring works – you’ve come to the right place.

You’ll find Shoot Force on the Gran Board app in the ‘Practice’ section, and it can also be played competitively in the online play section.

It is similar to Shootout on the Dartslive machines with one pretty significant difference – the consecutive hit bonus. We’ll get to that later.

Read the full explanation below or watch the video as Whippet talks through his strategy and scoring, and manages to activate the (somewhat excessive) double bull bonus.

The game is played over eight rounds and starts off with all numbers active.

The main point of the game is that you can only hit each number once. Once you’ve hit a number – single, double or treble – any further hits on that number will not score.

There’s 20 numbers on the board (obviously) and you have 24 darts in total so if you can hit each number without repeating any you will be left with four darts to throw at the bull for the bonus score (more on that later too)!

Now to explain the multipliers. There’s two – the Consecutive Hit multiplier, and the Shoot multiplier. The Shoot multiplier starts at x1 and goes up with every dart you throw. So whatever you hit with your first dart will be multiplied by x1, then your second dart by x2 and your third dart x3 etc.

The Consecutive Hit multiplier also goes up as long as you can keep hitting new numbers you haven’t hit before. Once you hit a number for a second time (or miss the board) your Consecutive Hit multiplier will return to x1 for your next dart.

It’s important to know that both these multipliers are working at the same time. For example, if you haven’t had a miss in your first two darts, your third dart score will be multiplied by 3 for the Consecutive Hit and by 3 AGAIN for the Shoot multiplier. That means your score is being multiplied by NINE so if you hit 3 your score will register as 27.

Don’t forget, doubles and triples count – and there’s also a bonus for hitting three triples – so you will greatly enhance your score if you can find a few triples.

So… which numbers should you be going for when?

Well, as the Shoot multiplier continues to go up, it’s good to start with the small numbers and finish with the big numbers.

I like to start at 1, then 2, then 3 etc. However, I will only continue this way while I am going for numbers that have another ‘active’ number (one that hasn’t been hit) alongside of it. This is so that if I miss, I am likely to still score by hitting the active number next to it.

This is because the Consecutive Hit multiplier makes a HUGE difference to your scoring. For example, if you can throw 12 darts without repeating a number, your next dart will be x13 Shoot multiplier and x13 Consecutive Hit multiplier which means your score with that dart will be multiplied by 169! If you happen to miss though, your next dart will only be multiplied by 14 as the Consecutive Hit multiplier will be back to x1 and you’ll just have the Shoot multiplier of x14.

Hopefully you’re still with me – this is harder to type out than it is to play!

Given there’s a huge disparity in the multiplier when you’ve got the Consecutive Hit going well, I like to switch to aiming for the higher numbers once I am down to only single segments on the board – by this I mean each active number has two inactive numbers alongside of it. For me, that means it is becoming much more likely that I am going to miss soon so I am going to try to cash in while the Consecutive Hit multiplier is high by going for 20, then 19, then 18 etc.

If you can get to the Bull bonus by hitting all 20 numbers inside your 24 darts, then you’ll have a chance to really skyrocket your score. There’s a major bonus for getting up to the Bull then the scoring for hitting the Bull gets a little ridiculous in my opinion.

The outer bull is worth 100 before any multipliers and the inner bull is worth 200 (I think). There’s also a 100,000-point bonus for hitting the inner bull and 10,000 points for hitting the outer bull. You’ll see in the game above my score goes from 37,000 to 189,000 just by hitting two bulls with my last two darts.

It does make a lot of your earlier scoring seem a little ‘point’-less (sorry) seeing it can go up by so much at the end. However it just means that it’s even more important to make it to the bull bonus. The best way to do this is to concentrate on keeping that consecutive hit run going as much as possible. I do that by aiming for two numbers that are next to each other when both are active. For example if I’m up to 11 and 14 (above it) is active but 8 (below it) is not, then I will aim for the high part of the 11 so that if I miss I am more likely to hit the active 14 than the inactive 8.

If anyone has made it to the end of this article, I’m really impressed haha and maybe you love Shoot Force on Gran Board as much as I do!

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