The No Bull Darts lads have committed (easier for some of us than others, cough-Whippet-cough) to Saturday nights for a weekly darts night with whoever wants to join us in our own special Gran Board lobby.

Come and find us every Saturday night from 8pm (South Australian time) in the No Bull Darts lobby in the online play area of your Gran Board app.

All you have to do is select ‘Group Lobby’ then find No Bull Darts (with the white background logo). Enter the password which is 5000 (a small nod to Adelaide, where we live) and see who’s online for a game.
Group Lobby screenshot

Just click on the No Bull Darts logo in Group Lobby to see who is online for a game.

You might find Whippet (a rating 11), Bandit (8), Trip McNeely (6) or The Rattler (5). Or you might come across one of our mates like Shirls or Fontaine or Miguel. Everyone’s friendly enough, and if they’re not just make sure you win!

We’ll be sure to report back on how it’s all going on our social media – just find us @NoBullDarts.

Online play - choose a lobby

Select Group Lobby when you go to online play.


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Bandit · 29/11/2020 at 7:24 pm

Get on board folks!

Time to sort the men from the boys, Saturday nights is when it’s time to talk the talk or walk the walk.

We’d love to see any other Aussie Darters come along and play us.
Shout out to Haigen who was in there this week, towelling up Whippet.

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