How’s this for a debut as Pete, aka Trip McNeely, throws his best ever ‘Half It’ score on Gran Board in the very first group game we ever recorded on video.

The man must just love the camera. Who knew? Watch below…

Throwing in this one is…

Trip McNeely (CC)
Bandit (B)
Ricky Vaughn (first Gran Board throw)
Whippet (AA)

Half It has always been a favourite of Trip’s on the Gran Board 3s (shop for it here).

“It’s the pressure of the last dart, there’s so much on the line every round,” he told us. “And it’s a challenge, normally I halve at least one round and it’s usually bulls which hurts.”

Not this time though… Trip rattled in a host of triples and a last dart bull to break through the 500 barrier for the first time in his life.

What a debut. Ryan Fitzgerald, eat your heart out.

Half It is available to play online and offline in the practice section on the Gran Board 3s. It is played over nine rounds. Each round is thrown at a different segment with the aim being to score as high as possible. The problem is if you don’t hit the nominated segment with any of your three darts your entire score halves.

Round 1 – 15
Round 2 – 16
Round 3 – Any double
Round 4 – 17
Round 5 – 18
Round 6 – Any triple
Round 7 – 19
Round 8 – 20
Round 9 – Bull

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