We’ve been celebrating at No Bull Darts this week after we sold our 100th Gran Board in Australia.

We started No Bull Darts two years ago with the aim of expanding the very obscure sport of soft-tip darts in Australia after falling in love with it ourselves about a year prior.

Yeah, we admit it hasn’t exactly exploded (yet) but that’s still 100 more Australians throwing soft-tip darts at home compared to when we started!

It’s taken the four of us into areas we’ve never been before. For example, we’ve closely monitored Covid factory lockdowns in China, hauled a sack truck down Hindley St for a Gran Board demonstration in the city, found a good ‘bolts guy’ during the manufacture our own Gran Board stands, and fantasized about blowing all our profits on a trip to Japan.

The first Gran Board we ever sold was in September 2020. The buyer was Matty Webb, a mate of Whippet’s with a natural talent for darts that so far seems to have gone to waste. (Get back into throwing please, Webby.)

Special prize for our 100th Gran Board sale

Then this week, our 100th Gran Board was bought by Jessica Wh from Colonel Light Gardens in Adelaide, who heard about us through a friend and was buying it for her husband’s birthday. No Bull Darts’ Trip McNeely delivered it to her in person, along with a free set of Harrows Strix darts, valued at $70, as a reward for being No. 100!

No Bull Darts 100th sale

Trip McNeely with Jessica Wycherley for No Bull Darts’ 100th sale,

In between our first and 100th sale, we have sent Gran Boards far and wide across Australia thanks to our online shop consistently being found by new customers around the country.

Will the next 100 boards we sell take another two years?

Our theory was that each time a Gran Board is sold it would lead to one or two other people buying Gran Boards so growth should be exponential.

Maybe that was too ambitious but even if it was, us four mates from Blackwood High have still had a ball burning up our Whatsapp group with banter in amongst the business chat. And hopefully most of the 100 boards we’ve sold are still on walls (or stands) around Australia just waiting for their owners to have that next bit of free time for a throw.

See ya’ll in the online lobby on the Gran Board app! Or if you want to chat with us and some of the 100 Australian GB owners, join our Aussie Gran Board users whatsapp group here.


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