Bandit takes us through what he’s done to set up his Gran Board soft-tip electronic dart board that takes pride of place in his Aussie garage.

Bandit was the first of the No Bull Darts guys to get his Gran Board set up (a bit over a year ago now) and is probably the most advanced with it of the four of us so far.

When you buy a Gran Board 3s, it’s not quite a matter of just hanging it on the wall. You need an internet-connected device such as a phone or tablet, to connect to the board via Bluetooth and run the Gran Board app which then operates as your display screen.

That’s pretty much all you need but as Bandit shows in the video below, there’s a whole lot more you can do to really enhance your electronic darts experience at home.

Watch the video above as Bandit, who is a middle-of-the-road 7-rank thrower, takes us through his Gran Board set-up in detail.

Bandit has two spotlights on his garage ceiling which are battery-operated and adjustable with a remote control which is very handy. He picked them up pretty cheaply, only $40 or so, and they can make a real difference to your throwing experience.

He uses a Google Chromecast to mirror the screen of his Android phone (which runs the Gran Board app) to a large computer monitor that sits above his Gran Board. He has an adjustable bracket fixed to the wall that means his monitor can be moved to a range of angles.

His phone is behind him when he throws so that his opponents can see him throwing and the darts going into the board so it is obvious that there’s no cheating going on (although when you’re not playing for money who would ever bother cheating).

Whippet managed to pick up a couple of free DartsLive (the Gran Board rival ssshhh) mats and Bandit is using one of those to mark his line.

Bandit reckons he’s going to follow these plans to make a free standing Gran Board cabinet during the Christmas holidays. We’ll see.

If there’s anything more you’d like to know about Bandit’s set-up or need some advice for setting up your own Gran Board at home, get in touch with via the options on our Contact Us page.


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