Gran Darts have released the first glimpse of their new Gran Cam product.

The Gran Cam is a camera designed for the Gran Board that will make online play more genuine and authentic.

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From what we can tell it is an external camera that is set up to show your opponent where your darts are hitting the board as it happens. It will then become your second camera so that your opponent will see whatever the camera in your device that runs the app is capturing, plus the vision from the Gran Cam.

Two shots of the Gran Cam from promo video

Whether the Gran Cam will also have the capabilities to project a laser oche (throw line) we’ll have to wait and see. Social media commenters were quick to jump on that possibility when the promotional video opened with what looked to be a red laser throw line.

One thing we wouldn’t like to predict is whether a large uptake of the new device will help end all the in-fighting about possible cheating on the Gran Board Facebook groups!

For years, Gran Board users have been coming up with their own way to prove they’re not ‘finger banging’ by positioning their camera to show themselves as well as their board.

Last year, Gran Darts updated the app to enable two cameras to be utilised but both had to be separate devices that could run the app. Most people are starting to run low on iphones etc when they need two spares. It’s also been pretty buggy.


The other advantage of the Gran Cam will be its ‘dynamic auto zoom’. We assume this will mean the camera automatically detects the motion of the dart and zooms in to show your opponent the dart in the board close-up.

UPDATE: Gran Darts’ second video on the Gram Cam revealed the full details of the dynamic auto zoom. It will work a little different to our prediction. The zoom is activated ahead of your throw in a range of situations that will add extra drama to the online experience. For example if you have hit two bulls, the camera will zoom into the bull area to see if your third dart makes a hat trick. It will do the same for a 180. It will also zoom in on expected check outs eg double 20 when you have 40 left to check out. Very cool.

The video (above) also showed that the camera attaches to the board at the top which should give a nice clear image of the board.

Looks like a great little addition to the ever-expanding world of Gran Darts products.

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Let us know what you think of the Gran Cam release in the comments below – are you going to get one?

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Bandit · 28/09/2021 at 11:20 pm

If its got a laser oche built in, then I’m getting one for sure!

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