In less than two months from now, the four founders of No Bull Darts will have realised a dream by turning a little soft-tip darts business into an overseas trip together.

There was really only one place we could go – Japan.

It is the home of soft-tip darts and where we will meet our long-time business partners from Gran Darts (Luxza).

Three-and-a-half years ago, when we started No Bull Darts, we hoped it would go well but it was probably only Trip who believed it could actually lead to this.

No Bull Darts guys pose at AFL Gather Round

No Bull Darts guys – Rattler, Trip, Whippet and Bandit at MTX Club at AFL Gather Round

We were four mates from school, who were all captivated by the bright lights and auto scoring of electronic darts, initially via the darts bar in Adelaide, i Darts. We then found the best home version of the soft-tip board, the Gran Board 3s, but struggled to get one in Australia. That spawned the idea of a business that promoted soft-tip darts in Australia and imported the Gran Board 3s to give other Aussies access to our new favourite sport.

In the first year, we sold as many Gran Boards as we could to people we knew but after that things were pretty slow. Covid shut down the Gran Board manufacturing in China so we were left without access to stock and we weren’t gathering much attention online.

By 2022, things were starting to change slowly as Covid restrictions lifted and we climbed the Google search rankings. In 2023, we sold almost double the amount of stock we did in 2022 and by the middle of last year we realised that Trip’s optimism about travelling to Japan together could become a reality.

We had to overcome the small matter of each of us having full-time jobs, plus there’s the wives and kids at home who may or may not need us! But somehow we got it sorted and on 11 April 2024, Bandit, Trip McNeely, Whippet and The Rattler will be on a Malaysian Airlines flight to Tokyo.

What will we do there? Well, play darts of course! The Dartslive 3 machines will be a priority seeing we are yet to get them here in Australia. Then there’s the business meeting with Luxza, who have always supported us to import Gran Boards to Australia even though we were a start-up business with no experience. The chance to say arigatou gozaimasu to them will be a real privilege.

We will have to wait and see what else happens on our 11-day trip of a business lifetime. But we can’t wait.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who has supported No Bull Darts along the way, whether that’s with a follow online, or by purchasing from our shop or just taking an interest in what we’re doing with our spare time. We can only take this trip because of you.

We will put the online shop on pause while we are away but we will be back keener than ever with new ideas to continue to shine a light on soft-tip darts in Australia.



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