Wondering what’s in the box when you purchase a Gran Board 3s? Dave, aka ‘The Rattler’, takes us through it.

Watch the videos below to see not only The Rattler’s outstanding internet video debut but everything that you get when you unbox your Gran Board 3s.

In the second video (updated for 2023), Bandit shows off some of the dart options available through No Bull Darts in our online shop.

Inside your new Gran Board 3s box (green or blue) you will find…

  • USB cable (to run the board’s LED lights)
  • Battery cover with screws (batteries to run bluetooth)
  • Set-up sheet with instructions on how to mount the board to the wall with pre-printed points for the three screw holes you need (and instructions on how to play the games). It comes in three languages – English, Japanese, and Mandarin.
  • The board (yep).

Probably a good time to also mention what you DON’T get in the box that you’ll also need…

  • Darts (the Gran Board 3 came with a cheap set of brass darts but they’re no longer supplied in the 3s)
  • USB wall charger (you need this to plug the USB cable for the lights in to. Any phone charger should also work however we recommend getting the $10 Kenji dual port USB charger from Officeworks as you can run the lights and charge your phone at the same time)
  • Screws for the board to attach to
  • 2 x double AA batteries
  • A device to run the app on
  • At least one arm to throw the darts with

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Pack of Gran Board 3s (blue)


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