The Gran Board 3s comes in blue, green and the rarer white but alternate colour versions have been popping up across social media as creative owners share their unique DIY Gran Board designs.

Whippet has delved into an online wormhole (in groups like Gran Board online) to come up with these DIY Gran Board designs like you’ve never seen before.

Some say they’ve achieved it by simply painting the segments, others have swapped segments with owners of different Gran Boards so they each end up with something unique, and others aren’t revealing their methods.

While some of the boards maintained an element of decency after the mods, we have to say that others went where no Gran Board should ever have gone.

Even so, No Bull Darts’ own Bandit is already starting to make some noise about wanting to liven his board up with a new look so stay tuned.

It seems doubtful any of this will inspire the actual manufacturers of Gran Boards. The furthest they’ve looked to go is when Gran Darts conducted a poll for which shade of beige their next instalment of the Gran Board 3s should be.

Let us know in the comments which ones you like and if you’ve got an idea or technique for modifying the look of your own Gran Board.

1/ Purple, blue, and ruined.

2/ When too much blue is never enough

3/ Turning the ‘wire’ white

4/ Blue and white bar the bull

5/ Christmas vomit

6/ The Batman Board

7/ Red and green reversed

8/ Not sure the adjustment on the logo was necessary

9/ White board, minus red

10/ Yellow wire is old school soft-tip

11/ It’s a No from us

12/ Black and red stealth
13/ Gran Board white, black, and red
14/ I guess once he started he couldn’t stop. Ah well.

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Bandit · 04/09/2021 at 3:50 pm

Don’t mind the white framework but some of those colour choices are fair dinkum shocking!

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