Introducing the Gran Board 3s – the world’s best online electronic dart board – which we are now selling from Adelaide and here online.

Basically, it’s the dart board for the modern era. I’ll explain it all below but you might get a better picture of it by watching this video of us playing it in Trip McNeely’s shed.

The board links via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet, which then automatically registers all your scores and does all the maths for you – no more calculator and chalk board necessary!

Best of all, it gives you the chance to play competitive matches from home, where your opponent could be anywhere in the world. Using the technology of your phone/tablet you can see (and even talk to) the person you’re playing against, making it just like you’re competing in-person.

Back of the Gran Board box showing all games

There’s a huge range of games that can be played from the traditional 501 to Cricket, as well as practice games like Half-It, Shoot Force, and Count Up. There’s also ‘party’ games like tic tac toe and even hyper bull (which is great for kids because the bull becomes as big as half the board).

All the information from your games is recorded by the app, giving you a rating that you can use to assess who you want to challenge to a game, as well as detailed stats to analyse your performance.

The darts needed for the board are the same as you’d throw on a regular board except instead of a steel tip they have a plastic tip. I use the same darts for both types of boards, I just screw in whichever tips are needed.

Electronic (or soft-tip) darts is really popular through lots of Asian countries (and is taking off in the US). We think there’s great potential in the sport – not only because you can play competitively online from home – but also because it simply makes darts more accessible and fun. It’s just not widely known about in Australia so we are hoping to help increase its popularity.

There are other electronic online dart boards but the Gran Board 3s leads the way in terms of technology, playability via the (free) app, and number of users – there’s always a range of players online looking for a game.

We’re selling them for $390 which includes delivery anywhere in Adelaide. It’s the cheapest price available in Australia as far as we can see. Given we are users of the boards ourselves we’re always available to help with set-up or any questions you have about the app/games. The boards come in both Green and Blue which simply refers to the colour of half the double and triple segments. Otherwise, they’re the same.

Any other questions feel free to get in touch at the links below…


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