Trip McNeely from No Bull Darts takes us into his Aussie shed to show off the sweet set-up for his Gran Board soft-tip electronic dartboard.

Trip would be the most skilled operator on the tools among the No Bull Darts guys and it shows in his advanced shed set-up. Bandit’s set-up is pretty impressive as well, you can check it out here.

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When you buy a Gran Board 3s, it’s not quite a matter of just hanging it on the wall. You need an internet-connected device such as a phone or tablet, to connect to the board via Bluetooth and run the Gran Board app which then operates as your display screen.

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That’s pretty much all you need (other than a power connection for a USB plug – details here) but as Trip shows in the video below, there’s a whole lot more you can do to really enhance your electronic darts experience at home.

What we learned from Trip’s video

  1. Trip uses an old iPhone as a dedicated device purely for his Gran Board. When he was using his primary phone, games of darts would get interrupted by phone calls etc so it is best to have a dedicated device if you can spare it.
  2. He fixed a piece of plywood to the wall of his shed then put the three screws in to that to mount the Gran Board.
  3. The computer monitors provides a larger display of the Gran Board app from his phone. He connects it using an HDMI cable and needed an adaptor to plug the HDMI cable into his iPhone.
  4. Good internet really helps the Gran Board experience so given we are in Australia which has awful internet (and becomes obvious when you are playing online against others from overseas), Trip ran a cable from his modem inside the house out to his shed to boost his connection speed.
  5. Trip’s highest ranking on the Gran Board is 6 so you can tell how pleased he is to hit that hat-trick on camera at the start of the video!
Trip McNeely throwing on his Gran Board 3s in his shed

Trip McNeely throwing on his Gran Board 3s in his shed

If there’s anything about Trip’s set-up you’re interested in, or want some help advancing your home Gran Board set-up, we’re always happy to help. Just get in touch with us here or via Facebook, Instagram or 

P.S. The Trip McNeely darts name comes from the 90’s teen party movie Can’t Hardly Wait. Trip still quotes from it to this day so if you have any favourite lines from the movie, please drop them in the comments below!

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